Stokers Lodge B&B Accomodation

The Heart of the Tweed Byron region
Stokers Lodge B&B accommodation is All things Stokers Siding, Byron Bay and the Tweed Coast.

Come and enjoy our relaxed private Guest accommodation, fantastic food from home cook Grant. Wander the 2 1/2 acres, find the creek, 56 Lemon Myrtle trees and much more.

Or drive and explore Mt Warning, Tweed Margaret Olley Art Centre. Be in Nimbin in 45 minutes or go the other way and travel to Byron Bay in a scenic half hour. Brunswick Heads is even closer for a dip and now has a number of very good restaurants. Ask us for more information.

Your Bedroom

Guest Lounge

Our Creek

Photographic opportunities


Take some time out. Sit by the pool. Wonder to the creek. Lie under a tree. Whatever…


Mt Warning is iconic. Allow 5 hours for the return trip and take good provisions. There are lots of other national parks nearby to explore.


Great places within 30 minutes: Byron, Mullim, Bruns, Nimbin, Tyalgum, Kingscliff – and the Gold Coast, if you have to…


The best little Gallery in Australia is 5 minutes away. The Tweed and Margaret Olley Art Centre is living art.
Stokers Lodge B&B Accommodation
First, but not last – wonderful stay. Good county hospitality enhanced with delicious breakfast. Will return & Recommend. Ansett and Fennell

Gracious hosts. Kind and helpful people. We wish you every success. Lovely home and setting. Rob

Location of Stokers Lodge B&B accommodation:

Christmas at the Lodge 2017

Our decorations went up on December 1st but we have been busy all through the month and have only just got to posting photos. More decorations this year from My Christmas and decor gifts from close friends. From all here at the Lodge have a wonderful and safe Christmas and a fun and prosperous 2018′ Tony Grant Tully and Missy xxx Facebook Twitter Google+... read more

The First Harvest of Honey

As I recently reported, we now have our first hive at the Lodge and the bees have settled in really well. David and Peta came this week and harvested the honey from the hive for the first time onsite. The honey was actually harvested from the previously but we moved the hive almost full. It took two trips to collect and replace the panels. David informed me that on the fist trip they harvested 13 kilos, amazing! We are now looking forward to the next harvest when the honey will be truly from our part of paradise, enjoy these photos! Facebook Twitter Google+... read more

There be Bee’s at the Lodge!

Recently a new friend and neighbor, offered us the opportunity of having a bee hive here on our property. Of course we jumped at the opportunity and on Monday with an early start and a lot of hard work from David, the Bee’s have arrived!!!! They look splendid and once installed all went to inspect the new residence including a very inquisitive Missy, who is now quite sore and sorry! Sorry there aren’t more photo’s but I was the second hands however upon your next visit you can see them up close and personal, enjoy these photo’s! Facebook Twitter Google+... read more

Removing weed trees from the property.

Over the last 2 1/2 years we have been slowly removing the introduced and unwanted growth on the property. Back in 79′ when the property was first developed Stokers was an open area of grassy plains which are still evident in many areas however over the years introduced species  have really made a mark on the landscape destroying the more natural growth which is really sad! Part of our journey is to return this property to its original condition, removing the pine and camphor laurel (huge job!) On Saturday, our friend Dennis arrived to continue the removal of these weeds from the orchid. In the last 10 years some of this growth has grown to tree like proportions, thanks for all your help Dennis! Enjoy these photos!!   Facebook Twitter Google+... read more

Kitchen Renovation Pt3

As you know we have been getting our kitchen reorganized and really now finishing of bits and pieces. One of our good friends asked us about the new hood and was it plumbed. The answer is yes and is fully completed, also we had our new pot rack for installation, which looks amazing. But lastly and not originally on the original reno was our new coffee machine. As some of you know we had a Delonghi, which was a fantastic machine but dated and on the day it was re-plugged in, it got sad and spat all it’s “O” rings into my cup, did a big wee all over the floor and died!!!! So after a small ceremony we have bought a new “Breville Oricale”, rated very highly by barristers and we think will service our customers and us well. All we have to do is figure out how to use it! Enjoy these photos! Facebook Twitter Google+... read more