Painting the Room

Once the plastering was done we really got into the painting and there was a lot to do. First we prepped the walls with a sealer, prep undercoat for interiors and exteriors. I have used this treatment before and it does a great job so everything had to be covered as there was so much new plaster that it is almost a new build. Then the ceilings was painted in British paints and the walls in Dulux USA Chalk and Self Destruct.

Once done it looked great but then on closer inspection we found a problem on the ceiling. Bubbling was occurring under the paint and so had to be scraped back and re skimmed. The bubbling was a real concern and we had to find the cause and eventually we found a moisture leak in the upstairs en suite. There are another three bedrooms upstairs including the master so it took time to figure out where the moisture was coming from.This house is vast and you have to expect these problems, just showing its sign of age but nothing major. What we are going to do is not repaint this section till the shower is treated with a tile sealer. That bathroom upstairs isn’t being renovated till next year so this short term solution should do the trick. So onto the flooring!

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  1. Wow, how you have progressed since we left last week.

    Enjoyed our time with you. Style and professionalism should be your motto. Look forward to our next stay.