Kitchen Renovation Pt3

As you know we have been getting our kitchen reorganized and really now finishing of bits and pieces. One of our good friends asked us about the new hood and was it plumbed. The answer is yes and is fully completed, also we had our new pot rack for installation, which looks amazing. But lastly and not originally on the original reno was our new coffee machine. As some of you know we had a Delonghi, which was a fantastic machine but dated and on the day it was re-plugged in, it got sad and spat all it’s “O” rings into my cup, did a big wee all over the floor and died!!!! So after a small ceremony we have bought a new “Breville Oricale”, rated very highly by barristers and we think will service our customers and us well. All we have to do is figure out how to use it! Enjoy these photos!