Stokers Lodge B&B Accomodation

The Heart of the Tweed Byron region
Stokers Lodge B&B accommodation is All things Stokers Siding, Byron Bay and the Tweed Coast.

Come and enjoy our relaxed private Guest accommodation, fantastic food from home cook Grant. Wander the 2 1/2 acres, find the creek, 56 Lemon Myrtle trees and much more.

Or drive and explore Mt Warning, Tweed Margaret Olley Art Centre. Be in Nimbin in 45 minutes or go the other way and travel to Byron Bay in a scenic half hour. Brunswick Heads is even closer for a dip and now has a number of very good restaurants. Ask us for more information.

Your Bedroom

Guest Lounge

Our Creek

Photographic opportunities


Take some time out. Sit by the pool. Wonder to the creek. Lie under a tree. Whatever…


Mt Warning is iconic. Allow 5 hours for the return trip and take good provisions. There are lots of other national parks nearby to explore.


Great places within 30 minutes: Byron, Mullim, Bruns, Nimbin, Tyalgum, Kingscliff – and the Gold Coast, if you have to…


The best little Gallery in Australia is 5 minutes away. The Tweed and Margaret Olley Art Centre is living art.
Stokers Lodge B&B Accommodation
First, but not last – wonderful stay. Good county hospitality enhanced with delicious breakfast. Will return & Recommend. Ansett and Fennell

Gracious hosts. Kind and helpful people. We wish you every success. Lovely home and setting. Rob

Location of Stokers Lodge B&B accommodation:

Kitchen Renovation Pt3

As you know we have been getting our kitchen reorganized and really now finishing of bits and pieces. One of our good friends asked us about the new hood and was it plumbed. The answer is yes and is fully completed, also we had our new pot rack for installation, which looks amazing. But lastly and not originally on the original reno was our new coffee machine. As some of you know we had a Delonghi, which was a fantastic machine but dated and on the day it was re-plugged in, it got sad and spat all it’s “O” rings into my cup, did a big wee all over the floor and died!!!! So after a small ceremony we have bought a new “Breville Oricale”, rated very highly by barristers and we think will service our customers and us well. All we have to do is figure out how to use it! Enjoy these... read more

New Kitchen Pt2

A few days ago I posted the first photos of our kitchen in progress. Here is the finished product less pot rack and stain around the cobi microwave/convection ovens. Thanks to all the trades, marble tops, equipment electrics and plumbing, all amazing people!... read more

The New Kitchen

It’s been some time since I posted a blog but with some good reason, ever since we moved in we have been planning and re-planning the kitchen at the Lodge. Finally after all this time all the planets lined up and after planning and blocking out time our new kitchen is finally here. The cabinet maker, electrician and stone masons have worked hard to deliver a quality product which both Tony and I are very proud of. The renovation started with ordering our appliances and organizing our trades. Tony the cabinet maker arrived and removed the first of the cupboards to make way for the new semi commercial Glem Stove then Scott our sparky rewired the area to make ready for the new cabinets and equipment. Then Tony returned to place the reworked cupboards in the center to create the full island. Then Scott returned and added power and lights to the center island and finally Joel from Dunn and Sons fitted the new stone tops and splash backs. We thought long and hard about this renovation and wanted to be respectful to the original cabinets. The end result is amazing!!!! In this first blog I have the preliminary photos then in part 2 I will post the finished product, enjoy!!... read more

Autumn is here!

When Tony says that it’s time to light the burn pile you know it’s Autumn! After cyclone Debbie we thought the pile would be saturated and would not burn, how wrong we were!! The good news is it burnt in next to no time but oddly Tully and Missy didn’t care at all!! Enjoy these photo’s.... read more

Cyclone Debbie

It’s been a while since our last blog as we have been busy cleaning up after Cyclone Debbie. Whilst we ere high and dry (and safe) there were those around us who did not fair so well! The cyclone hit South Murwillumbah badly and the aftermath was heartbreaking. I don’t think people who live in cities realize how well insulated they are by government and recovery bodies but here in the Northern Rivers it was community and bare hands digging cars out from under houses inundated by swamp grasses from the tidal creeks before the smells of decay begins that you realize just how isolated you are! I have not included photos of other peoples heartache as that would be ghoulish but I have put photo’s of our beautiful creek, which for a few hours became a monster, now we move forward and... read more